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Challenging the Myths of Autism

New Prespectives, New Strategies, New Hope

Multiple Award-Winning Book 


Positive reframing of prevalent autism stereotypes and limiting fallacies, to create new opportunities for learning. 

Provocative and meticulously researched new understandings of autism.

Strategies, programs, and resources from a multi-disciplinary approach with the research that explains which to use and when. 

Real-life examples from Jonathan Alderson's practice, unlocking new possibilities for autism treatment and research.

Praise for Challenging the Myths

"Jonathan Alderson explodes several misconceptions that have prevented persons on the autism spectrum from achieving their potential."

Informed by sound research and years of hands-on experience, Jonathan Alderson explodes several misconceptions that have prevented persons on the autism spectrum from achieving their potential. Ranging from affection and socialization, to repetitive behaviors, imagination, and intelligence, Alderson offers a wealth of practical advice and a myriad of illuminating new perspectives. Sure to become an essential resource for parents, caregivers and professionals, this eye-opening book encourages readers to appreciate the potential of autistic people, and to engage them as full participants in the human drama.

– Mark Osteen, PhD, Professor, Parent, and Author of “One of Us”.

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About The Author 

Jonathan Alderson, Ed.M.

Jonathan is an autism treatment specialist and founder of the innovative Integrative Multi-Treatment Intervention Program. A Masters graduate from Harvard University, he has experience as a Curriculum Specialist Coordinator with Teach for America, and 8 years of training at the Autism Treatment Centre of America in Massachusetts, working in their Son-Rise Program as program administrator and a senior therapist trainer. His international work includes the Middle East, Australia, Ireland, England. and Mexico.

He has spoken at the Royal College of Pediatricians (University of Nottingham) and the Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation. Currently he serves as Chair of the Seneca College Behavioural Sciences Advisory Committee and an Executive of the Harvard Club of Toronto. He has written for The Huffington Post, ParentsCanada Magazine, and The Autism File.

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