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How ThriveGuide Helps Parents

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Parents face millions of Google search results for "Best Autism Therapy”, and are overwhelmed with choosing the right one for their child’s unique needs. 

ThriveGuide’s algorithm and smart logic, chooses from hundreds of educational strategies and approaches to deliver a unique set of goals that immediately focus parents, reducing overwhelm. 


Long Waitlists

Parents often encounter years-long wait lists for autism services. This is especially hard during critical early brain development stages.

ThriveGuide provides the best next steps forward in just over an hour.  There’s never a waiting list! 


Limited Access

There is a huge shortage of trained autism therapists, leaving many parents without much professional support.  

Parents can do the expert-created ThriveGuide activities and recommendations easily without the need for additional therapists.


High Costs

Private autism therapy and services are a significant financial burden for parents. And most families can’t afford any. 

An individualized ThriveGuide plan and full-month of activities, resources, and membership costs just about the same as a single professional therapy session.

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Lack of Muti-Disciplinary Treatment Plans

Professionals are separated into highly specialized domains, so parents face a fragmented field that is usually not well coordinated. Parents are left to figure out on their own what to prioritize and where to start.

ThriveGuide’s proprietary smart logic arranges a child’s individualized set of goals into an order of priority so that parents can be confident that the first goal is the best next step.


Loss of Precious Time

Parents lose valuable time searching through hundreds of options, making endless appointments, and bouncing from one method to another.  And precious development time is lost when therapy is done in the wrong order.

Most treatments and therapies don’t take into consideration other programming. There’s a lack of understanding of the importance of order and timing of different therapies. Even the right therapy done at the wrong time in development can waste precious development time. 

How ThriveGuide Works

Step 1: Online Questionnaire that Covers Multiple Areas of Development

Science-Based Scoring and Analysis

Complete an in-depth intake questionnaire about various aspects of your child’s strengths and challenges, including language skills, social skills, independence skills, and repetitious and ritualized behaviors.

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Instant recommendations to move forward today

Friendly videos guide you through the intake to the moment you generate an individualized ThriveGuide. The development recommendations you’ll see are prioritized in a very specific order. Taking the right step at the right time saves you from wasting time and financial resources and maximizes your child’s development.

The ThriveGuide begins with a powerful set of foundational concepts called The Essentials: how-to videos, with supporting scientific research, and activity ideas developed by Jonathan Alderson, autism specialist, award-winning author, and founder of the ThriveGuide. The Essentials are some of Jonathan’s best insights from 30 years of coaching parents and teachers to accelerate any child’s learning.

Step 2: Generate A Personalized ThriveGuide

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Step 3: Recommendations, Activities, and Learning Resources

Individualized to your unique child

You’ll have access to a diverse range of activities designed to engage your child, including games, apps, and email templates to facilitate conversations with specialists - individualized for your child!

Each recommendation comes with clear “completion criteria” so you have defined goals to reach. When you complete a recommendation, you can activate your next ThriveGuide recommendation confidently knowing it’s your best next step.

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Learn More about the Professional Referral Program

The ThriveGuide is an online individualized development plan for autistic children. It’s the world’s first digital tool that empowers parents and therapists with personalized and prioritized development goals for autistic children, and includes expert-curated activities and resources to implement right away. 

Our program is ideal for families who have recently received an autism diagnosis to prompt parent confidence in guiding early foundational skills, as they: sit on waiting lists for services, struggle with costs of intensive programs, and are overwhelmed navigating masses of often contradictory information.

The central focus of the ThriveGuide recommendations is to build strong therapist-child and parent-child rapport, and strengthening early-learner skills like joint-attention and turn-taking. ThriveGuide is not only complimentary to traditional ABA and Speech Therapy programs, but it can enhance and maximize the benefits of your professional practice and the other services an autistic child receives. ThriveGuide can be used as a “primer” to help prepare an autistic child to be more receptive to speech and occupational programs. It is also ideally designed as an add-on tool for autism professionals looking for curriculum to empower their parent clients.

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Membership Options for Families

As part of our Professional Referral Program, you can offer two choices to families:

Professional Referral Discount 

15% off initial purchase using your referral discount code.

Please refer to your professional support program invitation or sign up to get your specific coupon code.

ThriveGuide Plus Program

Caregivers willing to provide their feedback in a short pre and post trial sur
vey will have access to:

  • a 3-month free trial

  • a one-on-one zoom check-in call with a trained autism specialist  

  • 50% off membership following free trial

What Parents and Professionals
are saying about the ThriveGuide

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Every page is full of insights, inspiration, and educational resources. The developmental recommendations are a perfect blend of research-based strategies and explain the “why”, all presented with empathy and understanding the reality for parents like me.



Parent, Toronto, Canada.

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