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Thank you for signing up to ThriveGuide Plus!

Follow the instructions below to take advantage of ThriveGuide Plus, including your 3-month free trial, 50% off, and call with one of our autism specialists!

For your convenience, these instructions will also be sent to the email address you provided.

Step 1. Create your account: Register for ThriveGuide at Verify your account by clicking the link in your activation email.

Step 2. Activate your “Plus” Plan: Once you’ve verified your account, go to to activate the special “Plus Plan” by choosing the 50%-off membership option (monthly or annual) that you’d like to receive after the 3-month free-access offer. You will not be charged until the end of the first free 3 months, and you can choose to cancel your membership at any time before or after the free-trial period. 


Along with 3 months of free access and a one-on-one coaching session, the “Plus” plan gives you this exclusive 50% off code: TGPlus50.  To lock-in this incredible saving, remember to type in the code before your credit card details at check-out.

Note: To activate the “Plus” plan, you must pre-select a 50%-off membership of your choice which locks in your savings to redeem AFTER the first FREE 3-months.  

Following checkout, you will have full premium access to the ThriveGuide and you can start by completing the intake questionnaire. You can find additional answers to questions via our FAQ.

Once you've settled into the platform, we will invite you to book your exclusive one-on-one zoom check-in call with a ThriveGuide team member and autism specialist who will walk you through your recommendations and answer specific questions related to them and your child.


Thanks for selecting ThriveGuide Plus and have a great day!


The ThriveGuide Team

Get in touch with your questions

Email us or schedule a zoom meeting with a member of our team to ask any questions you might have about the ThriveGuide Plus program or our platform. 

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