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  • What is the ThriveGuide?
    The ThriveGuide is an online platform aiming to empower families with autistic children with specific goals and actions that they can start to implement right away. Our mission is to save families time and expense by focusing their energy on the right strategies at the right time. Using research and best-practice, the ThriveGuide’s carefully developed, comprehensive questionnaire listens to the experience and knowledge parents and caregivers have about their autistic child’s unique strengths and challenges. A personalized ThriveGuide is then generated that provides insights and recommendations to accelerate their specific child’s development.
  • How many recommendations does a ThriveGuide include?
    The ThriveGuide includes 12 personalized recommendations and accompanying resources including videos, game activities, book recommendations, high quality research articles and so much more. As you complete a given recommendation, a new one is activated for you to work on.
  • Who developed the ThriveGuide?
    The ThriveGuide was developed by a super smart and creative group of people passionate about helping families and autistic individuals. Originally conceived and designed by our Founder Jonathan Alderson as the digital expression of an insightful multi-factorial developmental, behavioral, and therapy assessment process that he pioneered with hundreds of families called The Treatment Map. Now, leveraging the benefits of technology, along with computer engineers, research specialists, autism educators, and 30 years of clinical experience, Jonathan formed the Health Innovation Platform Inc on a mission to make a positive impact in the lives of 50,000 autistic children and their families. The ThriveGuide is the world’s first online holistic recommendation tool that is accessible to families around the globe, with no waiting list and at minimal cost. Our all-star team of professionals continues to refine and expand the ThriveGuide to offer parents and educators the very best user experience and recommendations possible.
  • What is the cost to use the ThriveGuide?
    The personalized ThriveGuide and associated resources are offered through flexible and affordable membership options. Please visit the upgrade or membership page to learn more. You may have received an invitation as an early access member, an offer for a limited time membership option when you first created your account. These options provide limited time free access to the platform. If you have any questions related to a limited free trial, please contact us at
  • How long does it take to generate the ThriveGuide?
    It takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes for you to complete the intake questionnaire and generate your personalized ThriveGuide. Please keep in mind that you don’t have to do it all at once, you’ll be able to pause and pick up right where you left off. Your child’s holistic ThriveGuide with personalized insights and recommendations is then generated within seconds. You can start right away at home using all of the activities, how-to videos, high-quality research articles, and other resources that have been carefully selected and developed by autism therapists to support your child’s development. Continue to revisit your child’s ThriveGuide all year round to track your child’s progress and see the new resources added!
  • Who is the ThriveGuide used by today?
    Whether your child has just received an autism diagnosis or you’ve tried hundreds of therapy options already, the ThriveGuide can support any caregivers of autistic children with strategies to support their child’s development. The ThriveGuide can be used independently or alongside other therapies and programs that your child is already engaging with. The ThriveGuide and the resources provided are best suited to younger autistic children, aged 2 to 11 years old. In the future as we develop, the ThriveGuide will be adapted for older children and autistic adults.
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