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It starts with you

The ThriveGuide was born out of a sincere empathy for the millions of families around the world who face a complex and unclear parenting path for their autistic children.

Parents deeply love their children but may lack the resources to access support.  The field of autism treatment and therapy is overwhelming and expensive. Our online platform provides parents with immediate individualized development goal in about an hour at a fraction of the cost.


How it all began

Along with 25 years of directly coaching parents and training autism-specialist play-therapists, our Founder, Jonathan Alderson, has offered a unique service he called the Treatment Map that combined a range of background details, history, developmental assessment, observation, and parent insights to identify and create a highly individualized short-list of top-priority goals including order and timing to maximize an autistic child’s learning and development.

The  Treatment Map has been a high-demand 5-star rated service but not readily available to all of the families who could benefit from it globally. In his desire to help as many families as possible, Jonathan gathered an amazing team of like-minded caring and smart people to design and build a digital version of the Treatment Map that we now call the ThriveGuide.

Our team is thrilled to now get this one-of-a-kind technology into the hands of thousands of parents for families and their autistic children to thrive!


Our Mission

Our mission is to serve families raising autistic children, of any age and any stage of development, leveraging technology to reach families no matter where they are with affordable, immediate, practical resources. We believe parents should be empowered through empathy, coaching, and real-life tools, alongside professionals and evidence-based strategies.

Our Values

We believe every autistic individual is unique, therefore, support and education should be just as unique. The ideal individualized supports are not only the best-fit strategies for a given child but are also prioritized in the right order and done at the right time. Order and timing are built into the ThriveGuide algorithm and logic.

We believe that since parents are the primary caregivers of their children, they should be empowered with coaching, training, and knowledge to make clear informed decisions and to thrive in their own daily living as they support their autistic children’s development.

We believe that a company which serves individuals on the spectrum and their families should be informed by and inclusive of those we serve. This is why we listen closely to parents and autistic adults and teenagers. We are also committed to intentionally employing autistic individuals.

We believe that an attitude of love, acceptance, and respect should be at the center of all interactions and communications with autistic individuals, their families, and circle of care. We strive to embody this in the words we use to communicate, in the ideas we promote, and in the images we post. We are open to feedback, to learning, and to evolving as our collective understanding of neurodiversity advances.

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Our Team

What Parents and Professionals
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Every page is full of insights, inspiration, and educational resources. The developmental recommendations are a perfect blend of research-based strategies and explain the “why”, all presented with empathy and understanding the reality for parents like me.



Parent, Toronto, Canada.

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